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Default Visitor Visa

I came in the US one year ago and i am now aware i am illegal. I have here my sister who is now a US Citizen and my brother in law who is also an US Citizen, I have applied for my brother in law to sponsor me but that seems to take way too long so i have been told that my only option is to get married. I came here from the UK with my son as an emergency as i was mentally maltreated by my ex partner and find refuge at my sister home. I am being totally look after by my sister and her husband i do not work and i do nothing illegal apart from being here. My son has now settled in so nicely living with his cousins and i would love to be here permanently for him but dont seem to be able. Can you tell me what are my options and also if i go back to Europe would i be able to come back and visit here as a tourist?

Thanks for your help.
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