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Pablo 11-12-2007 03:51 PM

apply to an O-1 artist visa
I am an F-1 student graduated on May 07 from The New School's M.A. in Media
Studies. I'm on OPT status until 02/19/08. Can apply to an O-1 artist visa.

Immigration 11-12-2007 03:53 PM

I carefully reviewed your resume and I do believe you
have excellent qualifications for an O-1 Artist visa. However, first and
foremost, you need an employer that will sponsor you and give you a job
offer for the O-1 visa, and will file the I-129 Petition on your behalf.
Some company/organization has to give you an offer of employment and prove
their ability to employ you, and pay you a salary of the caliber you deserve
with your credentials.

In addition to your resume, I will need copies of all the articles, films,
etc. that you created and other documents showing the work you completed.
Promotional and advertising materials for your articles, films, etc.
Critic's reviews for your work, newpaper and media reviews.

Also, we will need evidence of compensation/salary/earnings you have
received for your outstanding work.

In addition, we will need to obtain a letter from some
Writing/Film/Production organization certifying you as an outstanding
professional in your field (this will satisfy the peer group review
requirement). This will be a letter of support for your achievements and
recognition for your credentials.

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