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» Brooklyn NY Immigration Lawyer Marina Shepelsky Reviews
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Juan R.

I am a recent immigrant to the USA. When my wife and I arrived in this country, we immediately started to look for a good immigration attorney to represent us. After meeting and discussing our chances of filing for permanent residence with a number of to file immigration petitions for us. I am very happy to say that Marina Shepelsky's efforts brought us success in our pursuit of permanent residence (Green Cards). Our whole family now has green cards and we will soon be eligible to apply for U.S. Citizenship, which we are all looking forward to. Law Offices of Marina Shepelsky, P.C. made our dreams become reality. Their attorneys and staff worked very hard on our case and were always honest, resourceful and willing to go the extra mile. I have recommended Law Offices of Marina Shepelsky, P.C. to several of my friends and to extended family members.

Yelena S.

I came from the Uzbekistan (former Soviet Union) to New York 4 years ago with my son. We were hated and persecuted for our religious and political views in Uzbekistan and needed to seek refugee status in the U.S. Law Offices of Marina Shepelsky, P.C. were very understanding and helpful and knew exactly how to prepare our documents and prepare us for our asylum interview. From friends we knew that most people fail asylum interviews and end up in immigration court. But with the qualified help of Ms. Shepelsky and her staff our interview went smoothly and we were granted refugee status right at our interview! We owe much gratitude and thanks to Law Offices of Marina Shepelsky, P.C. and would whole-heartedly recommend their services to any immigrants that want to be successful in becoming permanent residents in the U.S.A.

Michael H.

Last year, I went to India with my friend to work for travel and we ended up visiting my friend's family in Delhi. I met a beautiful woman there and we fell in love almost right away. I am an American citizen. When I returned home, I could not stop thinking about my new love and we spoke on the phone and emailed each other constantly. I realized I want to marry this woman and needed the help of an experienced immigration attorney to make sure my fiancé's visa application does not get denied by the U.S. Consulate because of some bureaucratic problems. Law Offices of Marina Shepelsky, P.C. assisted me in filing for a fiancé visa for my fiancé and when she came here with a fiancé visa we got married in 1 month after her arrival. At this point, Law Offices of Marina Shepelsky, P.C. helped us file the paperwork for my wife's green card and now she has a green card and we have 2 great kids. Thank you so much, Law Offices of Marina Shepelsky, P.C.!

Ian B.

I am a photographer in New York. I am 38 years old. I met Svetlana, a Russian student that worked as a stylist at our shoot in February of 2006. Because this was a small shoot, she also worked as a model there. She was beautiful and young. We work in the same industry in fashion and design and realized after being friends for a couple of months that we have a lot in common. We began dating, and in August of 2006 we got married in Manhattan's City Hall. Law Offices of Marina Shepelsky, P.C. filed our documents for Svetlana's green card adjustment of status and we had a very tough interview with USCIS in November of 2006. Marina Shepelsky, Esq. attended our interview with us and helped smooth out several major problems that the USCIS officer raised with our papers. Svetlana received her green card after only 1 month after the interview. She is now working as a stylist and taking Masters degree courses. We are happy that we chose Law Offices of Marina Shepelsky, P.C. to represent us and have referred another couple to her offices who also passed their interview and now the wife holds a green card.

Ahmet M.

I came to U.S.A. just after September 11 th from Yemen with a work and travel visa J-1. I met my wife here. She is from Morocco originally, but she already had a green card when we met. We immediately filed for an application for me to get a green card. We had another attorney assisting us. Years passed and my wife became a U.S. Citizen, but no news arrived as to my application. We had 3 kids 2 girls and 1 boy. I have a grocery store that my wife helps me run. We kept calling our lawyer and asking what is going on with our case, but he did not know anything. We finally went to USCIS with an appointment and received copies of 3 letters that they mailed my lawyer asking for various documents, but which he never told us about. We found out my case was already denied for more than 1 year. It turns out that because I came from Yemen, I was supposed to attend a special registration appointment that was scheduled for me and about which my lawyer never told me.

We were devastated and retained Law Offices of Marina Shepelsky, P.C. to help us straighten out my case. The attorneys from Marina Shepelsky's offices helped to put my case back on track and we had an interview for my green card only 4 months after coming to Ms. Shepelsky's office for an initial consultation. I now have a green card and look forward to becoming a U.S. citizen just like my wife and my kids.
Chan J. L.

I came to Philadelphia from China in 2006. Immigration officials arrested me at my job in a Chinese food restaurant where I was working as a dish washer because I did not have any visa here in U.S. I was placed in Immigration Court removal proceedings. My friend from my town told me that she had a case with Law Offices of Marina Shepelsky, P.C. and they helped her stay in U.S. legally. I call Law Offices of Marina Shepelsky, P.C. for help with my court case. Ms. Shepelsky and her staff helped me prepare a strong case for asylum and presented this case to the Immigration Judge. We had several court dates and finally a long Individual Hearing a long trial with an immigration judge and the USCIS prosecutor where I had to tell my story of my difficult life in China where I was forced to have 2 abortions and was forced to receive sterilization. The immigration judge told me that thanks to my lawyer my case was very strong and I received asylum. One year later I filed with Ms. Shepelsky's help for a green card and received a green card. I highly recommend anyone with a serious immigration problem to work with Law Offices of Marina Shepelsky, P.C..

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