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Hi, I have a very serious problem. I married this girl from the Dominican Republic which I liked alot. She told me that she was here on a visitor visa for 6 months. I wanted to help her out and liked her alot as mentioned before. She gave me $6000 which I did not want but she told me to hold on to the money. I thought things would change in our relationship as time progressed. But it seems that she is only interested in her papers. I offered to give the money back but she would not take it at all. I told that I really liked her and things were not working out, and that I wanted a divorce. She did not take that very well and threatened to tell the judge if I put the divorce threw and get me in trouble. That all she would get is deported but I would be fined heavily and go to jail for 5 years. Her boss has also threatened me as well. What do I do? I just want this to be over.
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